Tuesday, September 9, 2008

China Part 1 : SHANGHAI

Shanghai 2005

"Shanghai" written in Chinese

The two Chinese characters in the name "Shanghai", (上, shàng; and 海, hǎi) literally mean "up, on, or above" and "sea", respectively, evident of Shanghai's location next to the East China Sea.

Shanghai is uber modern compared to Beijing. With its high rise buildings, shopping malls, and chic clubs, this city is for the modern individual who wants to work hard and party harder.

(Overlooking the
The Bund, Citigroup office lit up at night)

(Team dinner, Drinks at
Xin Tian di)

But ofcourse, just like any other city in China, it boasts of its historical roots and landmarks. Shanghai and China in general is a must on anyone's list of countries to see!

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