Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Goa, India

March 2006

Patricia, Suzanne, and I went to GOA, India to experience its famous beaches and Portuguese influenced city.

In 1498,
Vasco da Gama became the first European to set foot in India through a sea route, landing in Kerala, followed by an arrival in what is now known as Goa. Goa was the largest trading centre on India's western coast. The Portuguese arrived with the intention of setting up a colony and seizing control of the spice trade from other European powers. Later, in 1510, Portuguese admiral Afonso de Albuquerque defeated the ruling Bijapur kings with the help of a local ally, Timayya, leading to the establishment of a permanent settlement in Goa.

Goa is popular among European tourists for its beach parties and huge raves. We went to the beaches during the day so I was not able to see any party :( I rate the Goa beaches a 7/10. Nothing beats
Boracay, Philippines!

Since this is a very famous destination for Europeans, a lot of them end up staying in GOA for good! They make a living out of trading and selling stuff at the markets. We were very surprised to see that all the market vendors were white!

If they travel all the way to Boracay .. I wonder if they will do the same thing? Hmmm... I dont think so. We lack the huge beach parties!

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