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April - May 1986

When I was 4 years old, there were only 2 countries in the world: Philippines and USA.

Like most Filipino's, I was brought up to think that it was better to live outside of the Philippines. That it was better to live in another country, a better country.. like the US. So my parents would take us there almost every 4 years during summer break until I was 16.

4 things I learned when I was 4 years old:

1. The weather can become cold. Thats why jackets were invented.
2. I loved e-v-e-ry-t-h-i-n-g about Disneyland.
3. 'Toys 4 Us' was heaven.
4.Chucky Cheese was the best restaurant in the world.

My theory on the 'American Dream' of the average Filipino

First, a short but very important history to understand what it is.

The history of the Philippines has four distinct phases, the pre-Spanish period, the Spanish period, the American period, and the years since independence.

Our malay roots flourished in the pre-Spanish period. Islam was introduced in the South and continues to be the dominant religion in Mindanao until today. On 1521, Ferdinand Magellan claimed the Philippines for Spain for 377 years.The Spanish period converted Philippines into Roman Catholicism and Filipinos into lazy crabs. There was no proper education for Filipinos, only the rich could attend schools. A lot of pre-Spanish history was destroyed. The Philippines, at this point, was an uneducated puppet controlled by the Spanish friars ... and if you dis-obey them, you will go to hell.

Some filipinos marked numerous uprisings and with the help of America, defeated the Spanish fleet on 1898. America - our "Saviors". The United States occupied the Philippines until 1902 but its presence in the government stayed at a much longer time. The Americans educated the Filipinos with American history, culture, language, pop-culture, etc. The uneducated Filipinos are now "american educated". Welcome Coca Cola, jucy fruit, and hamburgers!
After 300 years of praying, the Philippines started to feel freedom again.

Today, I believe Filipinos associate America with freedom. Freedom from poverty, hard work, ex-boyfriend, wife, pregnancy, and scandals. "My job doesnt pay well.. move to the states. Im pregnant.. give birth in the states. I hate my husband.. get divorced in the states."

Freedom is everyones dream. So for Filipinos, to live in the states, to work in the states, to get married to an American... is their dream. The American Dream.

This is my theory. If you have a different one, please post it in my comments :)

And by the way, this is only my theory. Definitely not my dream.

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