Sunday, November 4, 2007

Her name was Constellation

Scandinavia, May 2003

I remember being absolutely thrilled to go on vacation with Celebrity Cruises for 14 nights! Even more excited to know that one of the countries we would visit was RUSSIA. Oooh lala. This was unreal....

But first, lets talk about Constellation. She was beautiful.

"From stem to stern and on every one of her 11 decks, she radiates the elegance and ambience one would find in a grand hotel. Constellation boasts outstanding amenities, accommodations and services, all presented with the utmost taste and the inimitable Celebrity style. When you cruise on Celebrity's Constellation you are sure to desire everything - and want for nothing." True. True. True.

Our ship and new home for 14 nights was fantastic. She had 10 decks of everything you can think of,

Deck 1 - Cabins
Deck 2 - Cabins, Cinema & Conference Center, Restaurant #1
Deck 3 - Casino, Bar #1, Internet Cafe, Bar #2, Theater, Restaurant #2
Deck 4 - Shopping Center, Bar #3, Cafe #1
Deck 5 - Cabins, Library
Deck 6 - Cabins
Deck 7 - Cabins
Deck 8 - Cabins
Deck 9 - Spa, Gym, Pool, Cafe #2, Restaurant #3
Deck 10 - Kids Day Care Center, Conservatory, Disco Club, Golf Simulator

Click this link to take a Virtual Tour of the Constellation.

This vacation made me realize that cruising is the BEST way to travel. It is a 5-star hotel that takes you to your destination each morning and treats you like a Queen.

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Alberto said...

Now I know where your liking for cruises began.