Sunday, November 4, 2007

Historical Pitstops

April - May 1990

Phrases / memories that first come into my head when I see these pictures:

New York. Statue of Liberty. Ferry Ride. Gift from France. De Castro family. Right Hand - torch. Left Hand - tablet. Why am I wearing a bright pink vest? Fashion Disaster.

New York. Twin Towers. 9-11. Emergency. Osama Bin Laden. War. Saddam Hussein. Oil = Money. Thirst for Power. Power corrupts. You can have it.

Virginia. Luray Caverns. East America's largest cave. Stalactite. Stalagmite. Batman.

Florida. Disney World. Theme Parks. Haunted Mansion. Space Mountain. Live shows (wholesome ones!). Never going back in the near future (only when I have kids already!).

Kentucky. Derby. Horse Race. Horses. Cowboys. Yeehah! Brokeback Mountain. I havent seen it, someone lend me the dvd?

Washington DC. White House. Current President: George W. Bush. See phrases of Twin Towers.

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