Sunday, November 4, 2007

United States of Rewind

April - May 1995

Looking at these pictures made me question, why would my parents take our family to vacation at the same places in the states over and over again? I guess if you're comfortable with a country and if you have a lot of friends there, it lessens the hassle. But it also lessens the THRILL of travelling.

Travelling requires a certain thrill. You need to feel the mystery of a country, culture, and religion. Your trip (for it to become worthwile) should uncover that mystery. Not all, but at least bits and pieces... just enough to make you smile before you sleep. Come back to my blog to see my future posts/travel of the mysteries I've unconvered throughout the years!

ALoHa Hawaii!

Pictures taken at Waikiki beach and at the
Polynesian Cutlural Center (picture above). A must if you are in or near Waikiki!

Disneyland, USA again? I have an excuse. My dad had an Intellectual Property Convention to attend to that summer! If I even go near any Disneyland again... I will barf. But the live characters (seen in picture) were amusing.. much better than those scary mascots!

Kentucky Greens. Too bad the full statue was not included in the photo. The view is spectacular. This is the first time and place where I saw the Amish.

In a shopping mall in New Jersey (or New York? ). This photo foreshadows my future shopping trips in Manhattan!

*If someone can recognize this mall, please tell me if it is in NJ or NY at the comments section*

We celebrated my Mom's birthday in California with the Reyes family and family friends. Nothing like a good 'ol filipino party.

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